Boekman Foundation houses Compendium

As of this April the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe has found a new home at the Boekman Foundation. The foundation will facilitate the activities of this European partnership behind the website and assures that its online platform for the promotion and exchange of cultural policies will be brought up to date and reinvigorated.

A community of over one hundred expert authors from 43 different European countries is committed to the work of the Compendium. The authors report on developments in their country´s cultural policy on the platform which then enables users to compare this information with the use of many different tools.

The President of the Compendium´s board Marjo Mäenpää is glad that with the move the platform’s future is now secured: ‘The Compendium is a community of practice that consists of independent researchers who have committed themselves to building a diverse, convincing and up-to date picture of European culture. By sharing this information, we benchmark best cultural practices and are therefore able to monitor if we are doing the right things. The Compendium is there for everyone, to compare and learn.’ 

Chair of the Compendium Board, Marjo Mäenpää

Since its establishment, in 1998, the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends was coordinated from the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts) in Bonn. Now, after twenty years, the Boekman Foundation will assume this responsibility, for which it has hired Helen Johnson as its project manager.

Over the next few years Johnson will give the Compendium a new impulse by solidifying and extending the cooperation between its 43 European member states. In time she will also restyle

Johnson, a content strategist with a background in cultural journalism, is looking forward to working together with the international Compendium community. ´I´m very keen to put my knowledge about content strategy to good use in order to make these important developments in international cultural policy known to a broader audience.’

Projectmanager Compendium, Helen Johnson

For more information, please contact the Compendium using this form.