19 april: Exposition Bettiena Drukker

Little Boy Eli

From April 19th to June 30th, The Boekman Foundation welcomes her audience to view the stunning work of photographer Bettiena Drukker. 

Her most recent project is about her grandfather Eli de Vries who was born in 1890 in the Amsterdam Jewish Quarter, to an extremely poor family with eight children.

Bettiena does not know much about his childhood, only that he had to go to work at the age of six. Like in most of her photographic stories, she interprets what little information she has from partly a historical, partly an imaginary perspective. She follows him, as it were, on an ordinary day, and evokes an image of a determined little boy bravely making his way to the future.

Years later, when Eli de Vries had become a successful businessman living in the US, he met a young Dutch woman who started helping him with his private correspondence. That was Henny Boekman-Engers, the daughter of Emanuel Boekman. She became close friends with Eli's youngest daughter Beccy - Bettiena's mother.

“This is my hommage to him. To him, and to all the desperately poor little Amsterdam boys who, against all odds, made it possible for little Amsterdam girls to grow up in peace and comfort only sixty years later."


Datum: The opening of the exhibition is on Thursday April 19th, between 3.30 and 5.30 PM.
Place: Boekmanstichting, Herengracht 415, Amsterdam.
Please book via this link: sign up, since space is limited.