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The impact of COVID-19 on the gallery sector : a 2020 mid-year survey

McAndrew, C.
Report provides an analysis of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the global modern and contemporary gallery sector throughout the first six months of 2020. It also presents the results of a survey of high net worth (HNW) collectors across three major art markets – the US, UK, and Hong Kong SAR (China) – with a particular focus on how the COVID-19 crisis has changed their interactions with galleries in the art market.
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The European audiovisual industry in the time of COVID-19

Cabrera Blazquez, F.J., ... [et al.]
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Report of the survey on working and living spaces in the Netherlands in times of COVID-19

Platform BK
Since the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, there has been a surge of concerns among tenants, owners, and
managers of studio spaces throughout the Netherlands. How big are problems for tenants at this point exactly? Are they equally big in different regions? And how big will they be in six months from now? Are tenants (considering)
leaving their studios?
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The alchemy of high-performing arts organizations

Voss, Z., Voss, G.
This paper, based on research conducted from midJanuary to mid-March 2020, investigates elements of
successful strategies that can be considered for replication or adaptation by others. Specifically, the authors
examined the following research questions: 1) What are examples of visual and performing arts organizations
that have financially out-performed others in substantial ways, as well as examples of those that came
close to shutting down or were in the bottom ranking of performers but engineered a financial turnaround?
2) What kinds of strategies were used to achieve this financial performance? and 3) Were there particular
contexts or conditions in which these strategies seemed to be more effective?
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The roadmap to equality in the arts : conference report 2020

Bedel, D., Cornelis, E., Muijnck, C. de
The underrepresentation and misrepresentation of women artists, non-binary and genderqueer artists in the Dutch art world is undeniable. Data and an intersectional approach in current research are still strikingly missing. Time to bring about change. How can we act, instead of acknowledging the status quo repeatedly? The conference 'The Roadmap to Equality in the Arts in the Netherlands' aimed to raise awareness, gather available data and mobilise existing networks and collective knowledge in order to establish a gender equality roadmap in the arts in the Netherlands. With performances, keynotes, presentations and panels on data as a catalyst for change, quota, new platforms, art education, discrimination and harassment and models for change.
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IDEA: inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility

Shishkova, V., IETM
This publication sheds some light on the different IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts) events and publications which brought attention to the topics of inclusion and diversity. The essays give voice to six IETM members who describe their stance on inclusion and give ideas to think about on where the network should be heading in the coming years. Essays by Israel Aloni, Clara Giraud and Jo Verrent, Dianne K. Webb, Jesper de
Neergaard, Pippa Bailey, Matteo Lanfranchi.
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