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Verslag Paradisodebat 2023 : Koers Kiezen

Dijksterhuis, E., Kunsten '92

Verslag van de 20e editie van het Paradisodebat, 27 augustus 2023.

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Benefitting from culture for well-being and positive health : a case study of working elements in cultural interventions in The Netherlands. INVENT report

Holla, S.M., Janssen, S., INVENT culture

This case study focuses on the working elements of cultural interventions to increase the well-being of elderly, ill, and displaced persons (refugees with residence permits) in The Netherlands. Usually, these interventions result from collaborations in the cultural domain with social and care institutions. Most cultural interventions are initiated by cultural organizations and executed by professionals and volunteers working for these cultural organizations. The implementation usually occurs at involved care facilities, refugee shelters (“AZCs”), or social centers.

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Handle with care : envisioning a culture of care. Elefsina Manifesto

Culture Action Europe

The Elefsina Manifesto was published during the Beyond the Obvious 2023 Conference and is an envisioning of a Culture of Care. It serves as a rallying call to artists, cultural organisations and professionals to embrace politics and ethics of care as a fundamental element of the collective work. By putting care at the core of practices, well-being is being promoted and a more just and equitable world is created.

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Creative recovery? : the role of cultural policy in shaping post-COVID urban futures

Gross, J., McFadzean, L., Hewlett, K., Dickens, L.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus was not ‘just’ a public health event. It was a ‘meta-crisis’ (Frosh & Georgiou 2022), interacting with – and making newly visible – a range of pre-existing economic, social, political, and environmental crises. Also, the effects of the pandeminc continue to unfold. It has many ongoing implications, including for the cultural life of cities: raising challenges and opportunities for urban communities, for policymakers, and for many within cultural and creative ecosystems. This report addressed three questions: 1. How did city cultural policymakers respond to COVID-19 in support of culture? 2. What was the role of the World Cities Culture Forum? 3. What are the implications of these cultural policy responses for post-COVID urban futures?

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The art public : a short history

Bätschmann, O.

Although the idea of a collective audience for art - an 'art public' - is highly significant in the art world, this is the first book to enquire into the actual history of the art public. The book explores both written and pictorial evidence of its behaviour, and disentangles the connections between art production, the expectations of the audience and a work's reception. Two aspects shape the narrative: first, the transformation of the audience from passive recipient to active agent; and second, the mockery of the audience by satirists such as George Cruikshank, Thomas Rowlandson, Honore Daumier and many others.

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Philanthropy and the creatives - a new dynamic yet to be shaped

Gürtler, C.

The cultural and creative sector is a booming economy, with huge challenges and unlimited opportunities. Private grant-making foundations are key supporters and donors. With crises everywhere, shifting demographics, diverse requirements, and complex ecosystems, how will their collaboration evolve? Contributing to the research work in the field of creative economies of the Zurich Centre for Creative Economies, this study discusses how private grant-making foundations engage with the actors of the cultural and creative sector.

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