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Arts and culture for ecological transformation

Paker, H.

The report discusses the climate emergency with respect to its social, political, economic and cultural aspects and focuses on the response of arts and culture actors for an ecological transformation. Presenting an analysis that makes a comprehensive assessment of ecological problems, the report emphasises the important role that the arts milieu can play towards transformation. Publication contains divers case studies from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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The art of zero : an indicative carbon footprint of global visual arts and the transition to net zero

Bottrill, C., Tickell, A., Julie’s Bicycle

Art matters. It speaks to foundational values and beliefs. It animates our lives with emotions, sensuousness, and connections. Making art has an incalculable cultural value. It matters economically too; global sales of art and antiques reached an estimated $50.1 billion in 2020, as compared to $64 billion in 2019 (Art Market Report 2020).
The purpose of this scoping study was to model indicative greenhouse gas emissions of the global visual arts sector by activity areas, identify opportunities for reduction and share examples of climate action from the sector.

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An exploration of possibilities and challenges of fair international cultural cooperation


In this publication DutchCulture looks back at fair international cultural cooperation the last three years, specifically focussing on the themes Funding, Climate Change and Language and formulating answers to fundamental questions. What lessons can we learn for cooperating in the present moment, and in the future? How do we ensure that cultural cooperation becomes more sustainable, equal and inclusive? The imbalance of international cultural cooperation seems to be growing as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fair international cultural cooperation remains a much-needed focus area in the work of DutchCulture.

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