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Creative industries and the climate emergency : the path to net zero

Julie’s Bicycle, BOP Consulting

This report brings a sector by sector overview of the creative industries, and the huge amount of activity taking place to work towards net zero. Across all sub-sectors including architecture, design, fashion, film, galleries, games design, museums, music and publishing, the creative industries are innovating in production, design and supply. The report identifies key successes but also highlights the barriers to progress for each sub-sector and where further action is needed. Government support to encourage the industry-led action would be welcome and specifically more investment for applied research is needed.

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Where to land : embedding European performing arts in the Climate Regime

Calvano, G., Mirabella, N.

This report collects and re-elaborates the contributions emerging from the debates and dialogues organised within the framework of the European initiative 'Where to land, embedding European performing arts in the new Climate Regime'. The overall outcome of this initiative can be summarised in the following three points: Definition of the Performing Arts Sector’s Commitments; Definition of the corresponding organisation of the sector; Advocacy to the national and European policymakers.

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The museum as enabler, the role of museums in the climate empowerment of young people

Wouters, S.

The author argues that children and young people can be seen as an oppressed group, having to suffer the impact of the climate crisis as consequence of the shortcomings of older generations. As a result of this adult inaction, young people have increasingly been suffering from climate anxiety, and thus, feel that they must take matters into their own hands in the hope of mitigating the climate crisis. Based on earlier research on the inherent strengths and responsibilities of museums, it is asserted that museums can be fitting institutions to act on the needs of young people. Specifically, this thesis reflects upon the different approaches that museums have been using so far to empower children and young people responding to the climate crisis. Case studies: Natural History Museum, Framer Framed, the Klimaatmuseum, and the Climate Museum UK. The analysis illustrates how each of these museums approach climate empowerment in diverse ways. The author proposes an innovative approach for museums to engage with young people concerning the climate crisis: “the museum as an enabler,” centred around the enablement of young people in their own self-empowerment, taking action into their own hands – with the support of museums.

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