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voor onderzoeksvragen en kennisdeling in cultuur

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Coronascenario's doordacht : handreiking voor noodzakelijke keuzes

Prins, C., ... [et al.]

Het is belangrijk dat overheid en samenleving voorbereid zijn op verschillende toekomstscenario’s voor het verloop van de Covid-19-pandemie. Om hierbij te helpen, werkten veertien adviescolleges, waaronder de KNAW (inclusief De Jonge Akademie) en de Raad voor Cultuur, vijf coronascenario's verder uit, onder coördinatie van de WRR.

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Covid-19 and the global cultural and creative sector : two years of constant learning – new foundations for a new world

Sargent, A.

This report is a follow up to 'Covid-19 and the global cultural and creative sector - what have we learned so far?' published in October 2021. The breadth and depth of the damage caused by COVID-19 reflects some attributes specific to the virus and the pandemic it caused. Looking around the world’s Cultural and Creative Sector as a whole there is an explosion of online, virtual, digital and hybrid culture visible which we have become steadily more experienced at navigating during the last two years. There are evolving changes in the relationship between cultural institutions and their audiences and communities as well. Some of the most far-reaching international lessons and learnings from these two years have been in the kinds of approach to leadership and business strategy that have proved most effective in navigating the crisis. For the sector as a whole the pandemic shone a fiercely revealing light on the whole issue of work. Now we realise that a third of the sector’s global workforce consists of freelancers- the sector can no longer evade the professional and moral responsibility to embrace those essential workers in more supportive and engaged ways.

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Culture in Times of COVID-19 : resilience, recovery and revival

Ottone, E., Aoun-Abdo, R., ... [et al.]

The culture sector experienced significant decline during the COVID-19 pandemic, with approximately 10 million jobs lost in 2020 alone and estimated revenue losses amounting to 20 to 40 per cent. In-person cultural experiences witnessed an eightfold greater decline in gross value added (GVA) than the global average for the whole economy, with some subsectors declining 25 per cent overall due to the sharp economic downturn and the public health measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus. This report offers key insights on trends and structural transformations that can boost the culture sector as a cornerstone of an economy built on sustainability and well-being.

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